Lenten Devotional

We are so blessed and excited to be able to read together the words that matter to us on personal levels. Our devotional is a compilation of several different reflections upon why each passage matters and what we can hear God saying to us.

We have compiled this to work for the season of Lent. Each day has a Bible reading as well as a short reflection written by members and friends of TCM.
As we journey through the season, please take time to read God’s word daily and to learn from your fellow members of the community of faith.
We are making copies available in our churches but also online. A post will be published daily on the blog, and if the technology works like it should, it will show up on TCM’s Facebook page. Or you could download the attached word document if you want to have the whole thing on your computer.

Thank you to everyone who added their favorite passages from scripture! We appreciate you being willing to share what you hold dear to your heart.

May God work in your hearts as you read and reflect upon how God’s word speaks to us!

Lent 2014 Devotional book


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